Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Bare Bumm is squeaky clean...how about yours?!

So....I've been wanting to tell the world about my soap lady for some time now. Let's start off with the fact that my skin is HORRIBLE! I have eczema, among other things and I've always had to use unscented EVERYthing for as long as I can remember. I was sick of the boring unscented body washes and stuff that really didn't seem to help me anyways. So I went on a search for handmade all natural soap. I don't know HOW MANY I tried, online companies, and tons of sellers on etsy. I forget how I stumbled upon BARE BUMM BATH.....but I did and the rest is history! REALLY! I haven't bought soap from another maker(ohh wait...the african black...which by the way, I didnt' like!) since.
Dianne is the most AMAZING woman! She is kind and generous and an amazing soapster to boot! I have a serious addiction...that I'm willing to admit, as long as you don't judge me!
I check back frequently and buy her soap in lots of 5 usually...but sometimes more. I stock my cabinet up and also send out samples of her soap with my orders usually. She uses only the most amazing ingredients...natural and safe! Even her smelly soaps are gentle and kind to my extremely reactive skin. So I'm lucky and can enjoy all the new scents(and some oldy but goody ones!)
So since it's fall and I'm a sucker for warm fall scents(and I just noticed she has a couple new ones.....those are the pictures you'll get to check out...but definately go browse each and every item in her shop!).
All her soaps are super fatted(which translates to MEGA bubbles and moisture and lather!) and all natural! PLEASE go buy from her and just watch...you'll be addicted too!LOL!


  1. It's funny that you've just written this review when I've just ordered two bars of soap from her, cause with all the packing for winter, I forgot to pack some soap!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the bar you sent me in the swap..It's awesome and smells so good!!

  3. Oh, my GAWD!!! Her goodies look heavenly! I must try. They look so luscious! Thanks for posting.